Fairy Tale- "Fairy" is HDA's smallest pony. She is only 9.3 hands tall and is a Shetland pony. She rides and drives. She is very good with small children, and can often be seen during Kinderides. She has also competed at Regional Games Rallies for Pony Club.

Yabba Dabba Doo- "Yabba" is an 11.3 hand Welsh pony. He rides english, western, and drives too. Known by some as "Grandpa Yabba" he has been with us a long time, and has taught a lot of children riding and the love of horses.

Summer Surprise- "Summer" is a nice red roan pony. He is used for beginners in the lesson program. In 2014, Summer went to Kentucky to compete at the US Pony Club National Championships in games. In 2016, he went to the US Pony Club East Coast Championships and was chosen by the Australian Team to use for the International games competition. Summer helped the team to a first place victory! He returned to KY in 2017 for National Championships in games.

Snickerdoodles- "Snickers" is a Welsh/Haflinger cross pony (draft pony). Snickers is trained to drive single or as a pair with his brother, Humbug. Snickers is one of our best lesson ponies and tends to be a little lazy. In 2013, Snickers won Grand Champion draft pony at the St. Lawrence County Fair. In 2014, he won reserve champion at the Barneveld Horseman's Association. He also traveled to Kentucky to compete at the US Pony Club Championships for games.  

Bah Humbug- "Humbug" is a strawberry roan Welsh/Haflinger cross pony. He is Snicker's brother. Together they make a great driving team, and in the winter can be seen pulling a sleigh. Humbug likes to move forward a little more than Snickers.

FireFly- "Duey" was born on the farm. While he was originally trained as a driving pony, he is also a good lesson pony and games pony. He has a bouncy trot, but a very smooth canter. He has been to United States Pony Club National and East Coast Championships for mounted games in Lexington, KY, Lexington, VA, and Tryon, NC as well as Mounted Games Across America Nationals in Centre Hall, PA. In 2017 he won Reserve Championship at the GMHA Fall Classic driving show, and also won the Best Antique Carriage Award.

Artful Dodger- "Dodger" is a very large 14.1 hand Haflinger (draft) pony. He works very well in the beginner lesson program both for adults as well as children. He also drives He went to the United States Pony Club Nationals at the Kentucky Horse Park in July of 2014 for mounted games.

Tug Boat- "Tuggers" is a short, but wide grey pony gelding. He is super friendly and very brave. Tugboat has competed the past two years at US Pony Club National and East Coast Championships in games.

FiddleSticks- "Fiddle" is a great large pony. He is great for both beginners as well as more experienced riders!  

Sherman The Tank was rescued from the killbuyer and placed HDA in Dec 2013. He went to Pony Club Nationals as a member of our Junior Games Team in July 2014 and 2017. Sherman The Tank brought home top honors at the St. Lawrence County Fair Draft Horse Show in Aug 2014 placing Grand Champion Draft Pony. He also drives.

Ariel is a cute black and white pinto pony. She rides and drives. Ariel is a great asset to our lesson program!  


Where's Waldo- "Wally The Wonder Pony" came to Honey Dew Spring of 2020. Tania jokingly likes to call him her "Covid Pony". He has started his second career training as a driving pony. 

Napoleon Dynomite- Napoleon is a very friendly mini.

Lil LadyBug- "LadyBug" aka "Mama Mini" is mother to Napoleon.

Chips Ahoy- Arriving January 2022 Chips is a friendly and stout pinto pony.
Tiskit- Little Tiskit is the head of our "Pony Mafia" herd. He is slight and very smart. He also arrived in January 2022.