Kodiak- "Kodi" is HDA's tallest horse. He is a 17.3 hand dark bay Belgian/Thoroughbred cross gelding. He is Tania's event and dressage horse, but does the occasional lesson. Kodiak and Tania went to the Pony Club National Championships at the Kentucky Horse Park in 2014 for Novice level eventing as Horsemasters, and returned Kodiak returned to the KY Horse Park for Pony Club National Show Jumping Championships in 2017 with Grace Sawyko. He is qualified for the 2018 Area 1 Champs at Beginner Novice with Autumn Crabtree.

Memorial Star- "Baby" is HDA's heaviest draft horse, weighing over 1800 pounds! She is a Percheron/Belgian cross. Although Baby was not born on our farm, we have had her since she was 11 months old. Tania has trained her to drive, ride english, western, and sidesaddle. She has even competed at the NY State Fair! Many students enjoy taking her to the x-country jumping field and riding her in their first Event at HDA. Baby Star is mother to Almeron (ABBA).

Ivy League- "Ivy" is a thoroughbred mare. She has never raced, and her quiet attitude has made her a great addition to our lesson program. Ivy is mother to Dream Academy (Chumlee). She qualified for the 2017 Area 1 champs at Beginner Novice with Dharma Crabtree at their first recognized event!

Tanquita- "Tank" is a pinto PMU baby. She is very large, but has nice, smooth gaits and likes to jump!

Tall Dark and Handsome- "TDH" is a 15.1 hand dark bay Welsh/Mustang cross gelding. He isn't all that tall for a horse, but grew to be much taller than both of his parents!




Queen Mahogany- "Peanut" is a great little thoroughbred mare! Despite the fact that she is quite petite, she thinks she's the biggest (and best!) horse in the ring!

Honey Bear is a draft cross mare that rides and drives. She's very sweet.

Dream Academy- "Chumlee" was named after everybody's favorite goofball from the TV show "Pawn Stars". It is a very fitting name as he is very laid back. Chumlee is now a lesson horse and is eventing at the Intro/Elementary levels, often finishing on his dressage score!

My Red Solo Cup- "Solo" was Sail's 2nd baby. He is very talented, but suffers from Head Shaking Syndrome.

Polkey Dots- Grey appaloosa gelding with black spots. Dots is used in the lesson program.

Almeron- "ABBA" is Baby Star's daughter, older 1/2 sister to Chumlee and Solo. Also known as "Spicey Waterbuffalo" she has started eventing at the Beginner Novice level, and trail rides.

Dun By Design- "Bailey" is a laid back paint gelding used in the lesson program.

Bear Necessities- "Bear" is Tania's event and dressage horse, and Tania even rode him in a competitie trail ride! He does lessons with more advanced riders.

Doogie Howser- "Doogie" was Logan's competition horse until Logan had a major growth spurt! Logan still rides him for polocrosse and games, but Doogie's main job is now doing lessons. He is spent the spring of 2022 in Virginia while Dharma Crabtree is a working student for Phyllis Dawson at Windchase Eventing.

Blaze- Blaze is probably the lesson horse that every student has ridden, and yet we don't have a photo to post!

Friek- a curious arabian gelding that is used in the lesson programs and trail rides.

Hot Buttered Biscuit- Biscuit is our newest addition. He is a light palomino qh gelding.