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HDA offers both English and Western riding lessons, as well as carriage driving lessons. Our students range from 4 years of age to adults and we have lesson horses/ponies for every ability. Regular weekly lessons are one-hour long, although we schedule them one-and-a-half hours apart to allow adequate time for grooming, tacking, etc. Special lesson activities include trail rides, cooling out after a lesson in the sugar bush, games, bareback riding and horsey soccer. 


Riding Semester Lessons

We offer several riding semester packages throughout the year.
  • Semester registration is due a week before the semester begins.
  • Pony Clubbers receive a $10 discount off any 8 week Semester package.
  • Students who ride during the Early Spring or Late Spring Semester receive a $50 discount off the Summer Semester packages, making it the same price as the Late Spring Semester.
  • During any Semester, a second lesson is only $20 pay-as-you-go.
                                                                                                     1 lesson/wk.              2 lessons/wk.           Payment Due
Early Spring Semester          March 6th-April 30th                     Price: $250      
        Price: $410              February 27th
Break Week                           May 1st-May 7                     
Late Spring Semester           May 8th-July 2rd                        Price: $250.                Price: $410.               April 28th
Break Week                            July 3rd-July 9th                      
Summer Semester                July 10th-Sept 3rd                      Price: $300.
                Price: $460.               July 3st
Break Week                            Sept 4th-Sept 10th          
Fall Semester                        Sept 11th-Nov 5thh                    Price: $250.                Price: $410.               Sept 4th
 Winter Session- TBA

Other Lesson Services

Pay-As-You-Go & Trial Lessons: For those who cannot attend lessons on a regular weekly basis, or who want to take a trial group lesson, students may enroll and pay-as-they-go at $40/per lesson.

WOW (Women On Wednesday): Have fun, and get some exercise! A 4-week introductory riding and horse care package for Adult Women. Sessions will be 2 hours long and will include mounted and unmounted instruction. WOW will begin on Wednesday, May 3rd through May 24th and costs $140.  This makes a great Mother's Day gift!

Kinderide: Young children (approximately ages 4-6) are introduced to the basics of riding in the Kinderide program. Weekly half-hour lessons help children gain confidence, improve balance, increase coordination, and develop self-control. For safety purposes, Kinderiders' mounts will be led during the lesson. The price is $30/per lesson and subject to availability.

Private Riding Lessons: Private lessons are $40 for a 1/2-hour lesson.

Driving Lessons: Available for $40 per 1/2 hour lesson